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Zardasht Midya - Tal Khatun / Ezdina
Translated by: Midya Mahmoud 

Intensive shelling of the Turkish army on the populated border villages in the northern countryside of Tirbe Sipi / Al-Qahtaniyah caused the displacement of the people of the Yazidi village of Tal Khatun from their village towards the center of the city.

According to the reporter of the Ezdina website, the Turkish shelling led to a blackout of electricity and communication from the Yazidi village, 9 km northeast of Tirbe Sipi / Al-Qahtaniya. It is inhabited by about 40 people.Women, children and elderly people left the village due to the shelling, while the men and youth of the village refused to leave.

Since Wednesday evening, the Turkish army has been targeting areas in northeastern Syria with artillery shells and warplanes amid a strong response from SDF to the sources of the shelling.

Lina Khalaf, a Yazidi woman who headed with her family to the Area of Tirbesipi/Al-Qahtania to protect them selves from the Turkish shelling talked to Ezdina that: "At 3:00 a.m., we went out to the house of one of our relatives, the electricity and communications were cut off, our men and young people did not leave the village and continue to protect it".

Khalaf adds: "that during the evening, the sound of bullets came in the vicinity of the area, and then at 12:30 a.m. a strong sound of an explosion was heard that shook the entire village as a result of the explosion of the oil station near the village after five shells fell on it, and as a result of the approaching fire from her village and continued shells landed in the vicinity of the village led the families to escape the village."

It is noteworthy that the Turkish army and extremist factions cooperating with it since Wednesday 9.10.2019 launched a violent attack on the areas of northern and eastern Syria, starting from the area of Dêrîk /Al Malikiyah a city on the border forms a triangle between Syria, Iraq and Turkey to the western countryside of Kobane on the Euphrates River as part of a military operation launched by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and which named 'Spring of Peace.


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